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Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act."  Proverbs 3:27

This project is very personal for me. I'm not only a winemaker, but also a First Responder.

I started Intentus with the intention of not only making great wines but to also have a meaningful purpose behind it. 


As an active volunteer for both the Napa County Sheriff's Search & Rescue (SAR) team and the Napa County Deer Park Volunteer Fire department, I have seen communities completely devastated by natural disasters and wildfires...and it’s heartbreaking. Yet at the same time such trials and experiences have been incredibly inspirational and have encouraged me to step up and act. 

One key purpose with Intentus is to allow for substantial charitable giving to the organizations that support communities in need and the brave first responders willing to put themselves on the frontlines.

What sparked this idea was one particular mission in 2018 when the Napa SAR team was sent out to assist on the Camp Fire that hit Paradise, California.

Hundreds of Police, Fire and SAR volunteers from all over the state were there to help despite the extreme dangers with the active wildfires still raging out of control all around us. The scene was all too familiar for us from the Napa SAR team following the 2017 fires in Napa Valley. 

The Salvation Army sent out a food truck to serve all First Responders a warm cooked meal one evening. Their huge smiles and encouraging attitudes while serving us dinner were like bright shining beacons in the smoky darkness. Its hard to explain just how powerful and impactful that warm cooked meal, their kind words and those bright smiles had in that situation. It was an incredible moment that I will never forget. Powerful moments like these by the many other volunteer organizations helped all of us get through the hard days ahead. I witnessed humanity come together and support one another when it mattered most. 

Moments like those, and many others since then have been a driving force in me starting Intentus.


Below are some organizations we strongly believe in and support, thanks to you. 


Intentus supports the brave men and women who protect and serve our country. We extend a special discount to qualified U.S. law enforcement, military and first responders both active and retired. Please email directly for access to this exclusive program. Thank you for your service.

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