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2022 Intentus Paso Robles Grenache, 3x750ml

2022 Intentus Paso Robles Grenache, 3x750ml

SKU: 2022GR3pk

Our 2022 Intentus Grenache comes from the steep, high-elevation vineyards found in the Adelaida Hills district of Paso Robles (peaking at 1,800 feet above sea level). The steep, fractured shale slopes and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean ensure a slow, gradual evolution throughout the growing season for optimum maturity. Clusters are hand harvested at night when temperatures are cool, then brought up to our winery in Napa Valley (after camping overnight in the vineyards at harvest). 


Once back at the winery, the Grenache grapes were sorted, and processed into large 500L barrels for fermentation. 25% of the stems were returned to tanks for additional spice and complexity. Gently punched down by hand and fermented at lower temperatures to ensure the delicate floral beauty is preserved and the bouquet is enhanced.


Bright, fresh and light on its feet-this wine is full of energy and vibrancy ready to be enjoyed right away. I prefer to serve this wine with a slight chill. Enjoy! 


Aged in 100% used French oak barrels. Only 3 barrels produced. 

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