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Mariela's Bark72 dark chocolate bark (8oz/16oz)

Mariela's Bark72 dark chocolate bark (8oz/16oz)

With the intention of creating something that would complement even the most powerful of red wines, Alan Viader's wife, Mariela created Bark 72.  


Mariela has had my share of chocolate and red wine. Being a professionally-trained chef and married to a winemaker helps with her supply of great food and great wines. Before she created Bark No. 72, she had yet to find a combination that really complemented both the wine and the chocolate. The flavor in Bark No. 72 plays on the wine's strengths and builds a totally new chocolaty experience. Bark No. 72 compliments the fruity characteristics of red wines, coating the palate with the cacao butter and oils from the roasted almonds, enhancing the elegance and softening the mouthfeel of the wine. The salt is Mariela's favorite part; it ties everything together and helps to lift all the best characteristics and flavors to a whole other level.


We invite you to try Bark No. 72 with your favorite red wines. Makes a perfect hostess or wine and chocolate lover gift too.


Available in 8oz. or 16oz. boxes. 


Product info:

The "72" on the name represents the percentage of cacao that I use for this Bark. I use only 72% cacao. California-grown Almonds, and Fleur de Sel sourced from France.


Every step of this product is made by hand. Locally handcrafted in Napa Valley, CA. Just like wine, this can only ship when temperatures are safe for it not to melt. 

**Made on shared equipment with peanuts and tree nuts. In a facility that process eggs, dairy, wheat and soy products.**

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